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Welcome to Pro Boot, online suppliers of specialised extreme climate gumboots and wellington boots for the farm and food industries.  In consultation with Dunlop Hevea®, the world’s premier gumboot manufacturer based in Holland, Pro Boot has developed a specialised range of gumboot/insole/sock combinations for professional farmers, fishermen, foodprocessors, hunters, gardeners etc. We have tested our comfort system on Australian and New Zealand users who require protection from extreme cold and/or wet conditions with exceptionally positive feedback. Using a combination of high performance Dunlop Purofort® polyurethane gumboots, orthotic comfort insoles, and specially designed socks, we have developed the world's best solution for the problem of tired cold feet arising from hours of continuous rainboot wear.

Dunlop gumboots:

  • Are 30% lighter than traditional rubber boots, saving your energy with every step
  • Keep your feet at body temperature even on those frosty mornings (down to -20°C)
  • Are flexible and comfortable at any temperature
  • Last up to 3 times longer than traditional gumboots
  • Are cut, tear, slip and chemical resistant
  • Are fully guaranteed against manufacturing faults
  • Are competitively priced
  • Comply with relevant Australian and New Zealand safety standards.
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***** Our family came across the Purofort range of boots and have never looked back. Our operation is a large dairy farm business. We used to have trouble with boots not lasting and leaking prematurely before the sole was even worn out. Now our whole family and staff wear the Purofort+ boots. They are the lightest, most comfortable boots I've ever worn, and have amazing traction in slippery areas. The also have the added benefit of being warmer in winter and cooler in summer. I have also never worn a lighter or more flexible boot. Plus they are very easy to get off! - Oscar Negus Jr *****

***** Your Purofort Pro boots are the most comfortable boots that I have ever worn. I used to wear the standard Blundstone boots, which were pretty good, up until about 5 years ago when they changed the way they made them. I since purchased several different leading brands of boots, but all of them were flawed in one way or another. Some gave me aching Achilles tendons when trying to remove them, many were too heavy for everyday use, some were dangerously slippery when combined with detergents, algae or cow manure on damp cement. Some boots lacked protection on the top of the foot, which is important when working with calves and cows feet which occasionally step on my toes. John (aka The Sock man), sold me a pair of your light weight white boots 12 months ago. He suggested that I try them, claiming they are the most comfortable boots on the market. He was right! I live in rubber boots for most of the day, every day, on the dairy farm. I kept them at full length during last winter, then during last spring I cut them off just above the ankle so I can wear them with shorts. I have no foot aches or pains, and my boots are still not showing any signs of wear & tear. They are so easy to slip on and off. In the past I would normally wear out, or end up with splits in my boots at least every six months. So this year I bought three pairs, just in case they stop making them. Your boots are slightly more expensive than other boots available on the market, but when judged on quality, comfort and longevity, they out perform all other boots that I have tried. - Tim Mignanelli *****

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